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Desirous of forming virtue in the whole man, St. Peregrine Academy happily offers students a number of activities both within the context of the school day as well as extracurricular. As enjoyable as they may be, these activities are far more than just fun — at the Academy, they are seen as truly formative. The wide range of activities enables each child to experience varied aspects of toil and success, accomplishment and hardship. Moreover, they are taught that within these activities, their participation and development allows them to go beyond merely receiving benefits and experiencing memorable moments — even more importantly, by being taught to see the Academy and its family as larger than any individual, they learn to give of themselves.

Thanks to the devoted efforts of extremely talented teachers, music has been a hallmark of St. Peregrine Academy since its inception. Harmony rings in its hallways throughout the school day; beyond music class, students participate in the Academy’s String Orchestra as well as the Children’s Choir, chanting the Gregorian propers at the Sung Mass every First Saturday.

On the fields of athletic competition, young souls face small previews of the battles they will one day encounter on far more important grounds. If the habits of preparation have been instilled, meets then become simply an expanse for opportunity. Cross Country, Track & Field, and Archery were sports beloved by the ancients and are utilized at St. Peregrine Academy to teach some of the noblest ideals to our young Falcons.

In the classroom, students receive some of the greatest treasures of Western civilization which have been handed down throughout the centuries. Formed by its great ideas, they will be called to bring them out into the world and pass them down to the next generation. To that end, learning how to express, communicate, and present are skills honed both inside and outside of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to participate in Journalism, with the quarterly publication of The Falcon Flyer. And even beyond the realm of music, children have the opportunity to participate in other fine arts, notably with theatrical productions in Drama.

Boys at St. Peregrine Academy have the immense opportunity to participate directly in the most noble privilege of all, serving at the altar. All school Masses throughout the year and most weekend Masses are prepared and served by the students. Above all, it is here at the foot of the Cross that their hearts become enamored with the most inspiring feats of heroic virtue, their minds enlightened to the vivifying effects of the Liturgy, and their souls nourished by the life-giving waters of the Holy Eucharist. Ferverinos at Mass, Days of Recollection, and Confession time specifically for Academy students helps to bring the Sacramental life to reality throughout the year.

Last but certainly not least is the hallowed Academy tradition of praying the Rosary at intervals throughout the school day. For over 20 years, students have prayed five decades together as a school every single day. Our Lady, to whom St. Peregrine was especially devoted under the title of Our Lady of Sorrows, has no doubt blessed the Academy and her families immensely because of this practice. May she continue to shower God’s most choice graces upon us through our students’ continued recitation.

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