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You can help support our goal of providing children with a thorough Catholic K – 8 education founded upon traditional principles that forms good Catholic citizens – men and women willing and able to work for the restoration of all things in Christ.


Better yet, this support ultimately costs you nothing financially, because donations are through the Ohio SGO program, which ensures that you will receive a dollar-for-dollar tax credit for each dollar donated.  Instead of the government deciding how to use those funds, you can put your funds directly towards the education of a child that you personally know: your niece/nephew, grandchild, neighbor, coworkers child, etc…



    1. Go to to learn more about the SGO program.
    2. At the same website, you can donate up to $750 per individual taxpayer ($1,500 for a couple).  Please select St. Peregrine Academy as the beneficiary school, and ensure you donate by December 31st.
    3. When you file your Ohio state taxes, claim your SGO tax-credit on your Ohio tax form.  Your Ohio tax liability will be reduced by the amount you donated.
    4. Receive your dollar-for-dollar tax credit by either paying less Ohio taxes or receiving a refund from the state.

Remember, this isn’t a typical donation, you are actually getting your money back when you file your Ohio state taxes.

If you wish to also make a standard taxable donation, as we are 501(C)(3), we would humbly and thankfully be good stewards of your financial gift.  You can contact Mrs. Battle and Mr. Hazan at


Go to the SGO site, and in 2 minutes make a $750 donation ($1,500/couple) , selecting St. Peregrine Academy to receive the funds.  When you file your Ohio state taxes, you will quickly receive your donation back in either a refund or a reduced tax liability.  If you make this donation in December and file your taxes in January, your donation will be returned to you the following month!  Moreover, you will feel great knowing someone specific in your life is benefitting from you taking part in this SGO program.



    • This sounds to good to be true, does this really work?
    • How is a Tax Credit different than a tax donation?
      • Donations only reduce your taxable income, which means they only have a small effect on taxes you pay, and many non-profits ask for them yearly.
        • Tax Credits reduce the taxes you play, dollar-for-dollar and are quite rare, this SGO donation is actually a very unique opportunity!
    • How long does it take to fill out the online form?
        • 1-3 minutes, it’s a very simple website form.
    • How much should I donate?
        • Last year the typical donation was almost $750 per person.  If you believe that you will pay $750 or more in Ohio state taxes ($1,500 as a couple), you should consider making the maximum donation of $750/person ($1,500/couple).  Individuals who earn $40,000 or more per year, will typically pay at least $750 in Ohio state tax, and thus can achieve the full benefit of the SGO donation.  Individuals on limited incomes donated less, based on their estimate Ohio state tax burden.
    • How do I donate?
      • Online via a credit card or ACH, this way is preferred for time reasons.
        • You can also use the online portal and pay with a check
    • How long does it take to receive my tax refund?
        • You will receive your tax refund after you file your Ohio state taxes.  Depending on the capacity of the Ohio Treasurer to process tax returns, this could be within just a few days from filing.
    • Should I ask my accountant about this?
        • Yes, absolutely.  The SGO donation program had so much success across Ohio last year, so your accountant should be very familiar with the program.  However, if there are additional questions, we are happy to discuss anything further.


    • How will my donation be used by St. Peregrine Academy?
        • With just 30 students at St. Peregrine, your donations enable school survival, improvement and the expansion we have recently experienced.  Providing quality Catholic education is expensive, and this program is essential in enabling St. Peregrine to maintain the highest education standards while keeping tuition affordable.


We understand this is a decision that you may need some more information before executing.  If you have questions about the SGO you can contact Michael Young at, and he will be happy to talk with you.


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